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Flutter: Debugging an integration test

I'm Learning Flutter And Using Android Studio As My IDE And I've Hit Some Pain Points Around Integration Testing. As Part ...Read More

How to show date picker on the onclick of text field instead of keyboard in flutter?

Wish To Show Date Picker When Clicking On The TextFormField Instead Of The Keyboard. I Have Tried Using GestureDetector ...Read More

How do I check if the Flutter application is in the foreground or not?

I Don't Want To Show Notification When The App Is In Foreground. How Can I Check Live State Of My App? ...Read More

How Do I Use RefreshIndicator with a FutureBuilder in Flutter?

I'm Trying To Figure Out A Way To Indicate To A Surrounding Class When The FutureBuilder Is Done Loading. ...Read More

Check if an email already exists in Firebase Auth in Flutter App

I'm Currently Developing A Flutter App That Requires Users To Register Before Using It. I Use Firebase Authentication ...Read More

Flutter keyboard on screen all the time as a widget?

Is It Possible To Use The Keyboard As A Widget ? Here Are Some Edited Screenshots To Show What ...Read More

Flutter onClosing callback for showModalBottomSheet

I Have A ShowModalBottomSheet Like The Below, Which I Understand To Inherit From BottomSheet (right?) ...Read More

ADB Keeps Crashing

I Am New To Flutter And Trying To Run A Newly Created Flutter App That Is Untouched. From Over 1 Week Of ...Read More

Flutter: How can I make a Random color generator Background

Generate Random Colors Return New RaisedButton( Padding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 30.0), ...Read More

Flutter: "Lost connection to device" error after Hot Reload

Here's The Full Error From The Debug Console: Launching Lib\main.dart On Android SDK Built For X86 In ...Read More

Flutter: Setting the height of the AppBar

How Can I Simply Set The Height Of The AppBar In Flutter? The Title Of The Bar Should Be Staying Centered Vertically ...Read More

How to get timezone, Language and County Id in flutter by the location of device in flutter?

I Am New To Flutter, And I Want To Get Timezone, Language, And County Id When I Run My Project On My Device Android Or ...Read More

Flutter Load Image from Firebase Storage

I See There Are A Lot Of Examples On How To Upload An Image Using Flutter To Firebase Storage But Nothing ...Read More

Round CachedNetworkImage in Flutter

New Container( Width: 80.0, Height: 80.0, Decoration: ...Read More

Flutter icons do not show

I Am Trying To Complete This Flutter Code Lab, But The Icons Do Not Appear In My Application. But They Appears In ...Read More

'_Smi' is not a subtype of type 'bool' - Flutter MethodChannel

Getting This Strange Error. Seems Like The MethodChannel Is Converting To An Int Instead Of A Bool? 06-07 00:16:26.589 ...Read More

how to implement a sliverAppBar with a tabBar

The Flutter Document Show A Demo For SliverAppBar + TabBar + TabBarView With ListView Use NestedScrollView, And It's ...Read More

NumberFormat not found flutter

Below Code NumberFormat Class Is Not Found In 'package:intl/intl.dart' Package Code : NumberFormat Heart ...Read More

Converting timestamp

I Couldn't Find A Solution To This, I'm Grabbing Data From Firebase And One Of The Fields Is A Timestamp Which Looks ...Read More

What is the Dart & Flutter Development

Is Dart My Only Programming Language Option With Flutter Or Can I Use Other Languages Like C++, Java, Kotlin, Or Go? What ...Read More

Flutter Circle Design

I Want To Make This Kind Of Design With These White Circles As A Raised Button. ...Read More

How to pass basic auth credentials in API call for a Flutter mobile application?

I'm Working On A Simple Flutter Mobile App That Needs To Call Out To An API That Uses Basic Auth. I Can Hit The API ...Read More

Vertical viewport was given unbounded height

This Is My Code: @override Widget Build(BuildContext Context) { Return New Material( Color: Colors.deepPurpleAccent, ...Read More

No implementation found for method getAndroidDeviceInfo

I Am Trying To Run This Example In The Plugin Page And I Get This Error I/flutter ( ...Read More

Multidex issue with Flutter

I'm Getting The Following Error Compiling With Gradle Using Flutter In Android Studio: Dex: Error Converting ...Read More

Flutter dropdown text field

I Am Still New To Flutter. Is There An Example Of A Material Dropdown List Text Field? I Saw The Example On Material ...Read More

How to make widget stick to top of keyboard

I'd Like To Make A Widget That Sticks To The Bottom Of The Page, And Then Is Pinned To The Top Of The Keyboard ...Read More

Flutter: Right overflowed by 200 pixels

I'm Testing Chips Inside My Flutter App. I've Added Those Chips Inside Row. But When No. Of Chips Increases, App ...Read More

How to disable proxy for flutter

I Am Developing A Flutter App On The Android Studio, Proxy Is Disabled From The Android Studio As Well IE, And Using ...Read More

no permissions (user in plugdev group; are your udev rules wrong?)

The Commands Flutter Devices And Adb Devices Are Giving Me The Same Error: Adb Devices List Of Devices Attached FA69H0308097 ...Read More

Android Studio stuck when creating new Flutter project

I Have Installed Flutter On Windows And Checked All Is Ok Using Flutter Doctor. I Imported The Flutter Plugin. Now, When ...Read More

Could not find a generator for route

I´m Newbie To Flutter And Reveice One Exception About Route And Paginator In Flutter. EXCEPTION CAUGHT ...Read More

How to disable splash highlight of FlatButton in Flutter?

I Have A FlatButton. I Don't Want The Splash Highlight When The Button Is Clicked. I Tried Changing The Splash ...Read More

How can I remove the Flutter debug banner?

How Can I Remove The Debug Banner In Flutter? I Am Using Flutter Screenshot And I Would Like The Screenshot Not To Have ...Read More

(Flutter) HTTPClient Invalid argument(s): No host specified in URI

Currently Working On A Little App That Allows Users To View A Database Stored On Heroku, However I Am Running ...Read More

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