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For loop to assign value to variable based on value of another var

Yes, Hello Coders I'm Tring To Assign Value To The Variable Within The Data Frame Based On Another Variable My ...Read More

Can you highlight where I've gone wrong

I've Been Working On This For Over 12 Hours. I Really Enjoy Coding But I'm Very Bad At It. Could You Please Highlight ...Read More

Where can c(digit) be found in n(number)

Closed. ...Read More

Crypto Screener Parameters not working when Searching for Characters within String

So I Recently Created A Crypto Screener In Python And Have Run Into A Problem. I Have A Giant If Statement That Will Print ...Read More

Deleting and adding numpy array rows in a for loop to create a dynamic subarray from larger numpy array,

Summary Of Problem Ultimate Goal I Would Like To Take A Sub-array From A Large Input Numpy Array. This Sub Array Is ...Read More

Parsing JavaScript string into 2 arrays

You Have A String That Is In A Following Format: "Applejack=A.J.+Applecar,Lemon+Vodka=AlfieCocktail+ Sunset + ...Read More

How many times is c found in n

N = Int(input("Input N: ")) C = Int(input("Input C: ")) Def It_show(n, C): Counter= 0 For I In Range(1, N+1): ...Read More

Why does my if else in this code doesn't work? are we can not put if else inside another looping or is just my laptop that doesn't work?

Closed. ...Read More

Compiling information in a for loop to email as confirmation

I Have The Following Code To Run A For Loop And Send All Invoices That Have Adequate Information. The Code Works Fine, ...Read More

explain nested for_loop and vector.size()

I'm New To C++ And I Can't Understand This Code. It's Really Hard. Can Someone Please Explain This ...Read More

Why for of loop accepts the const keyword?

A Variable Declared With The Const Keyword Cannot Be Reinitialised. So, Why The Const Keyword Works For For Of ...Read More

Cumulative Relative Performance - 'Mismatched input '|PE|' expecting 'end of line without line continuation'' error with Pine Script

I Want To Get A Cummulative Relative Performance Line. I Get This Error Message. I Don't Know What I Am Doing Wrong. Im ...Read More

Trouble with 'for loop' for Fibonacci sequence

I Recently Started Programming And Currently Working On A Method For Fibonacci Sequence And It Seems The Method Only ...Read More

I don't understand why my for loop code works

I Was Following A Lesson On For Loops That Told Me, As An Assignment, Using For Loops, To Print Out The Even Numbers ...Read More

searching for texting and storing results in new columns within the dataframe

I Have A Data Frame (df1) With One Column, With Each Entry/row/observation Consisting Of A Long String Of Text (df1$text). ...Read More

Why i in for loop takes usize instead of being u64?

I Am New Into Rust And I Have Encountered The Following Issue. The Following Code Compiles Without Problems, ...Read More

Python Function about Logistic Equation

The Original Logistic Function That Represents The Change In Population Size Per Year Is Delta_N=r*(1-N/K)*N. I'm Trying ...Read More

Why is my for loop not running 5 times for h[i]?

Void LAPLACEWCG() { Int I, J, M, N, Cnt; Double Err, Rx, Ry, Ave, A, B, Hx, Hy, Tol, Max1,err_metric; ...Read More

Need to issue Card for the bank account using Random and Datetime module in python

I Am Working On A Project Where I Have To Issue Card To Each And Every Account That Has Been Created, Below Are The ...Read More

Implementing a printAnimals method

I Am Trying To Implement A PrintAnimals() Method That Prints The ArrayList For Dogs Or Prints The ArrayList For ...Read More

Run-time optimization in Python for-loop and meshgrid with numpy

This Post Is Similar To A Question I Already Posted A Few Weeks Ago But The Run-time That I Currently Have Is Not ...Read More

why is my code not finding the index in my array?

I've Put My Code Below. Basically, I Find The Lowest Number Of An Element In The Array, And I Also Want It To Find The ...Read More

How to Get the Current Value of For loop

Closed. ...Read More

Trying to pull out names of lists which have a low value. Can't get logic to work

Trying To Print Out Which Days Have Less Than 7 Hours. I've Tried Several Different Ways Of Making It Work ...Read More

How to delete an element of array

My Function Should Delete An Element In An Array, But When I Run My Program (there Is No Mistake), Clicking The ...Read More

kill processes with pid using pipes and taskkill in windows

I Am New To Batch Scripting And Trying To Search And Kill A List Of Processes And Not Sure How To Proceed Further ...Read More

Python: How to store a JSON Object to a variable using a for loop?

I Have Pandas Dataframe That I Converted To A Python Dict And Then To A Json Object, I Now Need To Create A "for Loop" ...Read More

One-way ANOVA for loop: how do I initiate through multiple colums of a dataframe

I Want To Run More Than 1000 Different One Way ANOVA's I Would Like To See If The Number Of Reads From A Single ...Read More

Delay a loop with timeout in react js

I Am Trying To Loop An Array And Delay The Loop If The Request Is Still Processing And Continue The Loop When The ...Read More

Why are loop generated Bash array values concatenated together?

I'm Writing A Short Script To Automate Output Filenames. The Testing Folder Has ...Read More

how can I show the order of list's elements in python?

In C, C++ When We Say For I=0 ;i<10 ;i++ Printf(i) It Prints The Order Used In The Iretation 0,1,2... But In Python ...Read More

How to list the names of all the files and directories in a folder using for loop in a batch file

I Want To List All The Files And Directories Inside A Directory Using A For Loop In A Batch Script. How Can I Do It? I ...Read More

How can I find a coordinate in a list inside of a dictionary for python?

I Have A Code Using Canvas In Tkinter, And I've Created Lines With Coordinates. I Want To Check Through My Dictionary Of ...Read More

How to write a simple for loop that will populate a new column based on values in an old column, using key-value pairs?

I'm Working With Data That Look Like This: Label A B C I Have A Key-value Index I've Created (with Code ...Read More

Increasing a value each time a function passes through a for loop

I Am Trying To Make A For Loop That Returns Response.json[i] From An API, With I Increasing By 1 Each Time ...Read More

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