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JSON.Net serializing Enums to strings in dictionaries by default - how to make it serialize to int?

Why Does My Serialized JSON End Up As {"Gender":1,"Dictionary":{"Male":100,"Female":200}} I.e. Why Do The Enums ...Read More

Powershell: passing json string to curl

I'm Trying To Pass A JSON String From Within A Powershell Script To The Api, Using ...Read More

generating an AVRO schema from a JSON document

Is There Any Tool Able To Create An AVRO Schema From A 'typical' ...Read More

How to convert a Java Object to a JSONObject?

I Need To Convert A POJO To A JSONObject (org.json.JSONObject) I Know How To Convert It To A File: ObjectMapper ...Read More

Deserialize json into C# object for class which has default private constructor

I Need To Deserialize Json For Following Class. Public Class Test { Public String Property { Get; Set; } ...Read More

How to Create a JSON Restful Web Service in C#/ASP with MySQL as Db?

I Followed This To Create A RESTful Web Service Which Displays Json As Output So That I Can Use This JSON In The Part ...Read More

Could not load file or assembly 'Newtonsoft.Json, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=30ad4fe6b2a6aeed'

I Am Getting The Error System.IO.FileLoadException : Could Not Load File Or Assembly ...Read More

Scaling websocket node server

I Know This Question Has Been Asked Partially Before (How To Scale Node.js WebSocket Redis Server?) But I Am Wondering ...Read More

Turn a JSON string into a dynamic object

I'm Trying To Create A Dynamic Object From A JSON String In C#. But I Can't Get It Done. Normally I Would Get A ...Read More

Converting JavaScript object with numeric keys into array

I Have An Object Like This Coming Back As A JSON Response From The Server: { "0": "1", "1": "2", "2": "3", ...Read More

Gson throws MalformedJsonException, and other Exceptions

I Tried To Save Data To Json String In A Txt File Using Gson And Then Restore It Using Gson Either. Things Go Well If I Do ...Read More

Import multiple URLs to Pocket (or Instapaper)

I'm Trying To Import All My Old Starred Items From Google Reader Into Pocket. I Have The JSON File And I've Used Grep ...Read More

String to jsonobject in java

Closed. ...Read More

json_encode() returns false

This Is The First Time I Ever Face, That Var_dumping Json_encode Of An Array Resulting Boolean Value. I Have An Array ...Read More

Receive JSON POST with PHP

I’m Trying To Receive A JSON POST On A Payment Interface Website, But I Can’t Decode It. When I ...Read More

Setting default values to null fields when mapping with Jackson

I Am Trying To Map Some JSON Objects To Java Objects With Jackson. Some Of The Fields In The JSON Object Are ...Read More

Converting json from a file to a java object

I Am Trying To Convert Json From A Text File Into A Java Object. I Have Tried Both The Jackson Library, I Put In ...Read More

Value of type org.json.JSONObject cannot be converted to JSONArray

When I Return String From Another Activity And Try To Convert It To JSONArray, The Program Show Me ...Read More

Saving utf-8 texts with json.dumps as UTF8, not as \u escape sequence

Sample Code: >>> Import Json >>> Json_string = ...Read More

org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException:Connection to refused

I Have Developed Client Server Application .I Am Accessing Mysql With Php Running On My Machine And Client Running On ...Read More

How to convert CSV to JSON in Node.js

I Am Trying To Convert Csv File To Json. I Am Using . Example CSV: A,b,c,d 1,2,3,4 5,6,7,8 ... Desired ...Read More

Json: how to properly strip the escape characters with

I Have Json Response In The Below Format. ...Read More

Ignoring property when deserializing

I Have A Simple Interface With Getter And Setter For A Property. Public Interface HasMoney { Money GetMoney(); ...Read More

How to let jackson generate json string using single quote or no quotes?

For Example, I Want To Generate A Json String For ...Read More

Dynamic content from cloudfront - can I put API results (JSON) from Rails?

I See That CloudFront Supports Dynamic Content. Could Anyone Guide How I Could Go About Doing This In Rails? For ...Read More

How to append data to a json file?

I'm Trying To Create A Function That Would Add Entries To A Json File. Eventually, I Want A File That Looks Like ...Read More


Closed. ...Read More

object is not JSON serializable

I'm Having Some Trouble With Mongodb And Python (Flask). I Have This File, And I Want All Requests And Responses To ...Read More

How can JavaScript save to a local file?

There's Already A Solution For Writing File JSON Online But I Want To Save Json File Locally. I've Tried To Use ...Read More

Ignoring null fields in

I Have Some Data That I Have To Serialize To JSON. I'm Using JSON.NET. My Code Structure Is Similar To ...Read More

Handle JSON Decode Error when nothing returned

I Am Parsing Json Data. I Don't Have An Issue With Parsing And I Am Using Simplejson Module. But Some Api Requests ...Read More

How to compare arrays in JavaScript?

I'd Like To Compare Two Arrays... Ideally, Efficiently. Nothing Fancy, Just True If They Are Identical, And False If ...Read More

What’s the best way to load a JSONObject from a json text file?

What Would Be The Easiest Way To Load A File Containing JSON Into A JSONObject. At The Moment I Am Using Json-lib. This ...Read More

$(document).ready(function() is not working

I Am Using Jquery For Getting A Json Object From A Solr Server. When I Run My Html File With Tomcat It Is Runns Fine But ...Read More

How to compress JSON requests in Django?

I Am Sending A Whole Lot Of JSON Information To JQuery (around 40KB), Which Could Be A Lot Smaller If The ...Read More

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