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Build a MAMP environment on Mac... Best solution?

I Recently Bought A New Mac... In The Past I Used MAMP And Bitnami For The Setup Of My Dev Environment, But I Would Like ...Read More

Cannot find MySQL -- get "command not found" error when trying to access MySQL from command line

I Have Previously Installed, Connected And Uploaded To A WordPress MySQL Database Via SSH No Problem. The People Who ...Read More

Image database for processing in MATLAB

I Want To Create An Image Database Which Can Be Entirely Accessed Via MATLAB. I Don't Want To Create Any Folder And ...Read More

Selecting most recent child row for a given parent

Hopefully There Is A Simple Resolution To My Challenge. I Have A Parent Table I Will Call Table 'A' And A Child ...Read More

#1071 - Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

I Know Questions With This Title Have Been Answered Before, But Please Do Read On. I've Read Thoroughly All ...Read More

Where to change the value of lower_case_table_names=2 in XAMPP on Windows?

I Am Using Windows 7 And XAMPP. I Am Trying To Export My Database And While In The Process The Table Names Are Converted ...Read More

PHP and Cloud Computing

I Have A Php Spider Script That Works For Taking Web Site Contents, And Save The Content To My Database. It Takes About ...Read More

MySQL Master-Slave and slave as master - slave configuration

Currently I Have Normal MySQL Master - Slave Configured. For Ex :- Server 1 As Master And Server 2 As Slave. Now I Want ...Read More

How To: Store and Retrieve pdf file to mysql using C#

I Am Currently Working On A Windows Form Application And I Need To Create Functionality That Enables Users To Upload PDF ...Read More

Dynamically create textboxes using javascript and insert that text box values into mysql

Hi I Have Created Some Text Boxes Dynamically Using Javascript According To The No Of Inputs. I Want To Save That ...Read More

How to force case sensitive table names?

I'm Working On A MySQL Database In Windows. I Must Move It Into A Linux Environment. MySQL Database Contains A Lot ...Read More

Can't start MySQL, port 3306 busy

I'm Trying To Start MySQL From XAMPP (under Windows Vista), But It's Saying That's Port 3306 Is Busy. What Would Be The ...Read More

mysql is not recognised as an internal or external command,operable program or batch

I Had Set The MySQL Path, But Still Getting The Same Error. Please Let Me Know Whether I Followed The Correct One ...Read More

Can anyone confirm that phpMyAdmin AllowNoPassword works with MySQL databases?

I Have A Version Of PhpMyAdmin Located On My Local Apache Server. I Am Trying To Login Without A Password ...Read More

MySQL - How to search for exact word match using LIKE?

I'm Using This Query To Select Data: Mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Product_name LIKE ...Read More

Upload .txt file and insert contents into a database

I Am Trying To Grab The Contents Of A Text File, Verify That There Are 60,000 Characters Or Less, And Insert That ...Read More

Extract specific words from text field in mysql

I Have A Table That Contains A Text Field, There Is Around 3 To 4 Sentences In The Field Depending On The Row. Now, I ...Read More

Query to show all tables and their collation

Is There A Query That Can Be Run In Mysql That Shows All Tables And Their Default Collation? Even Better If There Was ...Read More

Transient Mysql::Error: Duplicate entry on a high-traffic site - any ideas?

In My Hoptoad Logs I Will Periodically See Mysql::Error: Duplicate Entry 'XXXX' For Key 'YYY' This Happens For Most ...Read More

What is the best way to return enum values in MySQL?

I Need To Select The Enum Values Of A Column. From Searching I've Found Two Ways: SELECT ...Read More

Bulletin board - Database optimisation

Closed. ...Read More

MySql, combining date and time column into a time stamp

I Am Guessing This Is Relatively Simple To Do, But I Am Unsure Of The Syntax. I Have Date And Time Columns That I Want ...Read More

Create a function in Python which creates a mySQL database

I've Created A Program In Python And MySQL Which Creates A Database And Imports The Data From Text Files And Puts Them ...Read More

php do something for every record in the database

I Have Two Tables In The Database(videos And ViewData) . Im Trying To Build A Script That Runs For Each Record In ...Read More

Getting MySQL Schemas for All Tables

I Want To Download/backup The Schema Of An Entire MySQL Database. Is There A Way To Easily Do This? I Haven't Had Much ...Read More

Best Practice / Standard for storing an Address in a SQL Database

I Am Wondering If There Is Some Sort Of "standard" For Storing US Addresses In A Database? It Seems This Is A Common ...Read More

Handle mysql restart in SQLAlchemy

My Pylons App Uses Local MySQL Server Via SQLAlchemy And Python-MySQLdb. When The Server Is Restarted, Open ...Read More

Fetch posts with attachments in a certain category?

I Need To Retreive A List Of Posts That Have (at Least) One Attachment That Belongs To A Category In ...Read More

How can I get enum possible values in a MySQL database?

I Want To Populate My Dropdowns With Enum Possible Values From A DB Automatically. Is This Possible In MySQL? ...Read More

How do you make good use of multicore CPUs in your PHP/MySQL applications?

Closed. ...Read More

ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111)

I Use The Following Command: Mysql -u Root -h -p And The Error Message Is: ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't Connect ...Read More

When should you choose to use InnoDB in MySQL?

I Am Rather Confused By The Hurt-mongering Here. I Know How To Do Them, See Below, But No Idea Why? What Are ...Read More

How do I calculate a moving average using MySQL?

I Need To Do Something Like: SELECT Value_column1 FROM Table1 WHERE Datetime_column1 >= '2009-01-01 00:00:00' ...Read More

No module named MySQLdb

I Am Using Python Version 2.5.4 And Install MySQL Version 5.0 And Django. Django Is Working Fine With Python, But Not MySQL. ...Read More

Setting up foreign keys in phpMyAdmin?

I'm Setting Up A Database Using PhpMyAdmin. I Have Two Tables (foo And Bar), Indexed On Their Primary Keys. I Am Trying ...Read More

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