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Is emit callback appropriate?

Recently I Have Been Messing Around With And Found This Interesting Thing, That I Can Have Emit Function ...Read More

How can I delete folder on s3 with node.js?

Yes, I Know. There Is No Folder Concept On S3 Storage. But I Really Want To Delete A Specific Folder From S3 With ...Read More

How to extract single file from tar.gz archive using node js

Var Targz = Require('tar.gz'); Var Extract = New Targz().extract(targzFile , DestnDir, Function(err){ If(err) ...Read More

ER_BAD_DB_ERROR on connecting to database using Sequelize

I Have A Project That Utilizes The Npm Packages Mysql, Sequelize And Redis. The Following ...Read More

How to ignore hidden files in fs.readdir result

In Node Application I Need To Get All The Files In The Directory Except That Hidden Files. I Have Tried Fs.readdir ...Read More

Callback after all asynchronous forEach callbacks are completed

As The Title Suggests. How Do I Do This? I Want To Call WhenAllDone() After The ForEach-loop Has Gone Through Each ...Read More

Node.js request directly to URL with options (http or https)

I Think I'm Missing Something About Http And Https Requests I Have A Variable That Contains A ...Read More

Is there a simple way to make Sequelize return it's date/time fields in a particular format?

We Need To Have Sequelize Return Dates In A Particular Format, Not The Default One. As Far As I Can Tell, There Is No Way ...Read More

How to convert CSV to JSON in Node.js

I Am Trying To Convert Csv File To Json. I Am Using . Example CSV: A,b,c,d 1,2,3,4 5,6,7,8 ... Desired ...Read More

Install Node.js on Ubuntu

I'm Trying Install Node.js On Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal), But The Terminal Shows Me An Error About Lost Packages. ...Read More

How to fix npm throwing error without sudo

I Just Installed Node And Npm Through The Package On, And Whenever I Try To Search Or Install Something With ...Read More

Mongoose, update values in array of objects

Is There A Way To Update Values In An Object? { _id: 1, Name: 'John Smith', Items: [{ Id: 1, Name: 'item 1', ...Read More

Node.js check if path is file or directory

I Can't Seem To Get Any Search Results That Explain How To Do This. All I Want To Do Is Be Able To Know If A Given Path ...Read More

Need to ZIP an entire directory using Node.js

I Need To Zip An Entire Directory Using Node.js. I'm Currently Using Node-zip And Each Time The Process Runs It ...Read More

Replace multiple strings with multiple other strings

I'm Trying To Replace Multiple Words In A String With Multiple Other Words. The String Is "I Have A Cat, A Dog, ...Read More

Turn off Node.js Server Once Running on Localhost

This Is Probably A Simple Question But I Can't Find A Clear Answer Anywhere. I Am Trying Hello World On Node.js. I Have ...Read More

map function for objects (instead of arrays)

I Have An Object: MyObject = { 'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3 } I Am Looking For A Native Method, Similar To ...Read More fired twice when I change the watched file 'example.xml', Function ( Curr, Prev ) { // On File Change We Can Read The New Xml ...Read More

Node.js Heap Snapshots and Google Chrome Snapshot Viewer

Is There Any Way To Take A Heap Snapshot From A Running Node.js Process And Then Load It Into The Google Chrome ...Read More

console.log not working with nodejs project?

This Is Regarding The Following Small Demo ...Read More

Setting up SSL with node.js

I Bought An SSL Certificate At GoDaddy And I'm Using The Following Node.js Server To Attempt To Set It Up: Var ...Read More

Async or Sync bcrypt function to use in node.js in order to generate hashes?

I'm Currently Trying To Make Authentication Module For My Project In Node.js? I've Already Seen Some Examples Of Using ...Read More

Package a Node.js application as an OS X application

I Want To Build An Interface For A Series Of Terminal Commands That Our Developers Use To Manage Their ...Read More

In node.js, how to declare a shared variable that can be initialized by master process and accessed by worker processes?

I Want The Following During Startup, The Master Process Loads A Large Table From File And Saves It Into A Shared ...Read More

Upgrading Node.js to latest version

So, I Have Node.js Installed And Now When I Tried To Install Mongoosejs I Got An Error Telling Me That I Don't Have ...Read More

What is this JavaScript "require"?

I'm Trying To Get JavaScript To Read/write To A PostgreSQL Database. I Found This Project On GitHub. I Was Able To ...Read More

How to change node.js's console font color?

I Had To Change The Console Background Color To White Because Of Eye Problems, But The Font Is Gray Colored And It ...Read More

How does require() in node.js work?

I Tried This: // Mod.js Var A = 1; This.b = 2; Exports.c = 3; // Test.js Var Mod = Require('./mod.js'); Console.log(mod.a); ...Read More

Secure random token in Node.js

In This Question Erik Needs To Generate A Secure Random Token In Node.js. There's The Method Crypto.randomBytes That ...Read More

Synchronous Requests in Node.js

How Could I Make The 'request' Module In Node.js Load Things In A Synchronous Fashion? The Best Advice I've Seen Is ...Read More

nodejs background task

Been Playing Around With Node.js And I Am Developing A File Uploading Web App As A Learning Experience. Now I Have ...Read More

How do I import global modules in Node? I get "Error: Cannot find module <module>"?

I Am Trying To Setup Node On Mac OSX Lion. It All Seems To Work Ok, But I Can't Seem To Import Anything Modules From ...Read More

Node.js log4j-like logging system

Could You Recommend Me A Good Log4j-like Logging System For Node.js? ...Read More

How to stream MongoDB Query Results with nodejs?

I Have Been Searching For An Example Of How I Can Stream The Result Of A MongoDB Query To A Nodejs Client. All Solutions ...Read More

How do you pass an apostrophe through a URL?

I'm Using Node.js: Var S = 'Who\'s That Girl?'; Var Url = ...Read More

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