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C# Renci.SshNet: Running multiple commands parallel

I Am Developing A Driver In Order To Control A Raspberry Pi From Some C# Windows Application Via SSH. Therefore, I Am ...Read More

Open STF (DeviceFarmer) Error running parallel automated test in devices with same android version

I Have An Issue When I Try To Run Some Escenario In Different Devices In My STF Server, If I Run My Automation Script ...Read More

using numba with np.concatenate is not efficient in parallel?

I’m Having Some Trouble Getting Np.concatenate To Parallelize Efficiently. Here Is A Minimal Working Example. (I ...Read More

How to transpose a matrix in java(forkjoin)

Software Implementation Of A Parallel Program That Transposes Matrix A [n, N] Using Recursive Parallelism. For ...Read More

Simplify nested asyncio operations for string modification function

I've An Async Code That Looks Like This: There's A Third-party Function That Performs Some Operations On The String ...Read More

How to parallelize pyspark QuantileDiscretizer function at each timestep?

I Try To Quantile The Raw Dataframe At Each Timestep, So I Use A For-loop To Implement My Idea As ...Read More

parallel processing in python with clean

In This Code, I Get The Error: Cannot Import Name 'clean_text' ...Read More

parallelized deep reinforcement learning

I Am Try To Run DRL On A Low Speed Environment And Sequential Learning Is Making Me Upset. Is There Anyway To Speed ...Read More

How to improve processing time of large rolling window computation

I Have A Large Dataset, Including About 100,000 Entries. I Am Using The Tibbletime Package To Create A Rolling Version ...Read More

fatal error: 'stdio.h' file not found, when running mpicc cmd on macOS M1

When I Try To Compile An MPI File Using Mpicc "srcfile" -o "exfile" I Get The Following Error: Sump.c:3:10: ...Read More

Apache camel parallel processing

I Am Working On An Apache Camel To Read Data From MySQL DB And Push It To Kafka. I Have Built The Router Which Works Fine ...Read More

Progress bar in console for Nimble parallel computation of MCMC chains in R

I'm Using Nimble Package To Run MCMC Chains Using Parallel Computation. Nimble Normally Has Nice Progress Bars For Each ...Read More

PHP: how to start a detached process?

Currently My Solution Is: Exec('php File.php >/dev/null 2>&1 &'); And In File.php If ...Read More

How do I implement Eigen's recommendation to disable parallelisation / multithreading -- where and how many pre-processor tokens?

I Have A Small Programme That Uses Eigen's Matrices In Multiple Cpp Class Files, Let's Say For A MWE In The ...Read More

How to predict multiple images in Keras at a time using multiple-processing (e.g. with different CPUs)?

I Have A Lot Of PNG Images That I Want To Classify, Using A Trained CNN Model. To Speed Up The Process, I Would Like ...Read More

AttributeError: module 'concurrent' has no attribute 'futures' when I try parallel processing in python 3.6

I'm Trying To Split A Process That Takes A Long Time To Multiple Processes Using Concurrent.futures Module. Attached Is ...Read More

Running airflow tasks/dags in parallel

I'm Using Airflow To Orchestrate Some Python Scripts. I Have A "main" Dag From Which Several Subdags Are Run. My Main ...Read More

Python multiprocessing with generator

I'm Trying To Process A File(every Line Is A Json Document). The Size Of The File Can Go Up To 100's Of Mbs To Gb's. So I ...Read More

How to parallely `map(...)` on a custom, single-threaded iterator in Rust?

I Have A MyReader That Implements Iterator And Produces Buffers Where Buffer : Send. MyReader Produces A Lot Of ...Read More

Correctly using --shard in GNU parallel

I'd Like To Use The --shard Flag In GNU Parallel To Do Some Concurrency Control. My Input File (input.csv) ...Read More

Combine Rcpp, parLapply (parallel), and build a package with package.skeleton

I Am Running A Code Using The Parallel Package And I Would Like To Include The C++ Implementation Of A Part Of This ...Read More

Ray init() is very slow

I Am New At Using Ray, I Find It Wonderful, I Had To Divest From Multiprocessing Because It Was Not Working Optimally ...Read More

pool.starmap() hangs on the first call (inside a likelihood sampler)

I Am Running An MC Style Chain, Where The Likelihood Function (or Cost Function) Should Be Trivially Parallelizable Since ...Read More

How to pass elements of two arrays to a parallel command with :::

I'm Trying To Run Several Python Commands In Parallel With The Parallel Command. I Tried Playing Around With The ...Read More

OpenCL method get_global_id() works incorrectly on GPU

I Want To Parallelize Temperatures Distribution, Using OpenCL Technology. I Stocked On Problem With My GPU - Work Item ...Read More

matlab random number generation in parfor loop

I Want To Generate Same Normal Random Numbers For Loop And Parfor Loop. Following MATLAB Documentation I Tried ...Read More

Parallel sampling and groupby in pandas

I Have A Large Df (>=100k Rows And 40 Columns) That I Am Looking Repeatedly Sample And Groupby. The Code Below Works, ...Read More

Initialize an array in c using MPI

As The Title Suggests, I Would Like To Know If It Is Possible To Initialize An Array In C With Random ...Read More

OpenMP: is it not possibe to use omp parallel for and omp task together? /error: work-sharing region may not be closely nested inside of work-sharing

In My C++ Implementation, I Have A Recursive Function And I Call This Recursive Function Inside A Loop. I Want To Use ...Read More

Grid size in phase #4 of Harris' reduction optimization

I Am Learning About Unrolling Loops To Optimize Kernel Computation. This Is A Code Snippet From The Book Professional ...Read More

Python Future return when First_Exception or First_Completed

I Am Trying To Make A Scheduler That Executes A DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) In Parlallel. Currently I Am Using ...Read More

I am having trouble with OpenMP on C

I Want To Parallelize The For Loops And I Can't Seem To Grasp The Concept, Every Time I Try To Parallelize Them It ...Read More

Is there a way to parallelize TF-IDF vectorisation?

I Want To Perform Text Classification Using The Bag-of-words Approach. My File Contains Over 250,000 Rows, Where ...Read More

What's wrong with the omp declaration here? How to fix it?

Here's My Code, Which Allows Different Threads To Compute Conv2d And Merge The Results Back To The Result ...Read More

Parallelize computations in Pytorch for Predictive Coding architecture

We Are Developing A Framework To Train Pytorch Models Through Predictive Coding Instead Of Relying On Backpropagation. One ...Read More

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