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How to remove X-CMAE-Envelope from php mail

Laravel search for specific word

I Want To Search For Specific Word Instead Of Letter From A Table. Right Now I'm Using Like But It Not Like ...Read More

How to debug "FastCGI sent in stderr: Primary script unknown while reading response header from upstream" and find the actual error message?

SO Has Many Articles Mentioning This Error Code: FastCGI Sent In Stderr: "Primary Script Unknown" While Reading ...Read More

502 Bad Gateway when debugging php 7 Xdebug 2.4.0RC3 mac os

I'm Using The Latest Versions Of PHP (7.0.2) And Xdebug (2.4.0RC3) With Phpstorm 9.0.2 And When I Start Debugging ...Read More

How to get current page URL in Drupal?

I'm Trying To Output The Current Page URL On A Drupal Site (Drupal 7), I've Tried The ...Read More

simplexml_load_string displaying empty object php

I Am New To Xml. I Have String Response From Api As : ...Read More

Customize the Wordpress Woocommerce billing address edit forms

By Default, Woocommerce Has Two Types Of Addresses Which Are Billing And Delivery Address, And These Informations Can ...Read More

WebSocket connection to 'ws://..' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Pulling My Hair Searching From Last 4 Hours This Simple Code For Socket Connection And Getting Error. I Have Changed Port ...Read More

Custom user authentication base on the response of an API call

Description: I Have Been Using Laravel For A Bunch Of Project Now. Implementing User Authentication Is Simple In ...Read More

Laravel 5: show me the post title that this comment belongs to on user profile

I Am Trying To Display The Post Title That User Comment Belongs To On His Profile Page. This Is What I'm Doing On ...Read More

How to solve General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

I'm Doing An Operation That Inserts Hundreds Of Records Into A MySQL Database. After Inserting Exactly 176 Records I ...Read More

Cakephp 3.x Custom Validation Rules Creation and Using

In Cakephp3 Custom Validation Rules: How To Use A Global Function Validation Method. $validator->add('title', 'custom', [ ...Read More

Running composer in a different directory than current

I Don't Know If This Question Has Been Asked, Because Searching Finds Results Mostly About Moving The ...Read More

Laravel, jQuery - return to bracket notation after validation in Laravel (dot to bracket notation in jQuery)

Using Laravel 5.1. I Have Request In Which I Do Form Input Validation. I Call The .ajax Method And Receive ...Read More

How can I make SonarQube PHP plugin work with PHPUnit?

I Had Install Jenkins And SonarQube Runner 2.4 ,SonarQube Server 5.1.2, Php Plugin 2.6,phpunit5.1 And Then I Run ...Read More

Retrieving Google Search Analytics by "google-api-php-client" library

I'm Still A Beginner In Any API, So Need Help. As I Understand, Service "Webmasters" In Google-api-php-client Library ...Read More

IOS receipt validation error 21002

I'm Trying To Use Receipt Validation With My Server Side. Everything Is Ok, But Sometimes I See Strange: 10 Times ...Read More

Create JSON with same elements in PHP

I Might Be Missing Something Obvious But Is It Possible To Create A JSON Like This With Json_encode? { 'foo': 'bar', ...Read More

Tell Composer to use Different PHP Version

I've Been Stuck At This For A Few Days. I'm Using 1and1 Hosting, And They Have Their PHP Set Up A Bit Weird. If I Use ...Read More

Laravel and AWS PHP SDK - Unable to delete a local file after it was uploaded to S3

I Am Trying To Delete A File From A Local Directory Right After I Have Uploaded It To AWS S3. When I Run It On Vagrant I ...Read More

i want to import excel file into mysql in codeigniter?

Iwant To Import Excel File Into Mysql.i Created A Table In Db ,name Of The Table Is Statement.please ...Read More

Laravel: General error: 1615 Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared

I'm Using Last Version Of Laravel (5.1) In A Homestead Virtual Machine (vagrant). I Connect My Project To A ...Read More

php-fpm child process exited on signal 11

Our Application Runs In A Docker Container On AWS: Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (Trusty ...Read More

How to download a text file on link click in codeigniter

I Have Text File Contains Sample Of CSV File Format, I Want My Users Can Download That File On A Link Click. This ...Read More

Save data from dataTable to database

How Can I Save All My Datatable Data To My Database?, Im Using Jquery And Php To Do This Dynamic. ...Read More

Run php script as systemd service in centos7

I 'm Trying To Run A Phpscript On Startup Of Centos7. Currently Systemd Process Looks Like ...Read More

Laravel - Return json along with http status code

If I Return An Object: Return Response::json([ 'hello' => $value ]); The Status Code Will Be 200. How Can I ...Read More

How to Merge Two Eloquent Collections?

I Have A Questions Table And A Tags Table. I Want To Fetch All Questions From Tags Of A Given Question. So, For Example, ...Read More

FontAwesome Icons won't Show on Generated PDF using mPDF

I Am Using MPDF In Generating Payslips. However, The Icons In The Payslip Aren't Showing Once It Is Generated. It Only ...Read More

How to install a newer version of PHP than what Yum installs?

I Have Installed PHP By Executing The Following Command: Yum Install Php It Installs PHP 5.3.3 In My Server... But I ...Read More

How do I run PHP's built-in web server in the background?

I've Written A PHP CLI Script That Executes On A Continuous Integration Environment. One Of The Things It Does Is ...Read More

Laravel 5 - How to access image uploaded in storage within View?

I Have Got User's Avatars Uploaded In Laravel Storage. How Can I Access Them And Render Them In A View? The Server ...Read More

How do you add custom fonts in TCPDF?

I Would Like To Add A Custom Font To A Pdf I'm Generating Using TCPDF. I Might Be Missing Something But The Docs Seem To ...Read More

How do I remove a MassAction from the Product Grid using Observers in Magento?

I Want To Remove The "Delete" Mass Action From The Products Grid. I Am Trying To Do This From My Observer. Here Is ...Read More

How do I add a subdomain to cloudflare in PHP "on the fly"?

How Would I Add A Subdomain To My Cloudflare Account For A Specific Domain On The Fly? Is This Possible To Do, How ...Read More

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