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Python's requests "Missing dependencies for SOCKS support" when using SOCKS5 from Terminal

I'm Trying To Interact With An API From My Python 2.7 Shell Using A Package That Relies On Python's Requests. Thing Is ...Read More

How to get current available GPUs in tensorflow?

I Have A Plan To Use Distributed TensorFlow, And I Saw TensorFlow Can Use GPUs For Training And Testing. In ...Read More

Can a website detect when you are using Selenium with chromedriver?

I've Been Testing Out Selenium With Chromedriver And I Noticed That Some Pages Can Detect That You're Using Selenium ...Read More

While downloading tweets filter the keywords in a new column

I Am Trying To Download Tweets With Locations. I Can Very Well Download Them, But I Also Want To Filter The #keywords ...Read More

Simple function that returns a number incremented by 1 on each call, without globals?

I Am Trying To Write A Python Function That On The First Call, Returns A 1. On The Second Call, Returns A 2. On The Third, ...Read More

Dropping duplicates in Pandas excluding one column

This Seems Simple, But I Can Not Find Any Information On It On The Internet. I Have A Dataframe Like Below: City State Zip ...Read More collectstatic: error: unrecognized arguments: --noinput in shell script launched by Docker

I'm Working To Launch A Django-tornado Hybrid App In A Docker Container From A Shell Script And And Getting --noinput ...Read More

anaconda/conda - install a specific package version

I Want To Install The 'rope' Package In My Current Active Environment Using Conda. Currently, The Following 'rope' ...Read More

numpy difference between flat and ravel()

What Is The Difference Between The Following? >>> Import Numpy As Np >>> Arr = Np.array([[[ 0, 1, ...Read More

Difference in price change ratio from day before in pandas

I Have The Following Df: ID Date A_price B_price 3 01/01/2013 00:00 2 5 3 02/01/2013 00:00 ...Read More

Pandas round is not working for DataFrame

Round Works On A Single Element But Not The DataFrame, Tried DataFrame.round() But Didn't Work... Any Idea? ...Read More

django sqlite to postgresql ProgrammingError when migrate

I've Seen Quite Some Posts About This But None Helped Me So Far. I Have A Working Django Application And I Want To Go ...Read More

No module named tensorflow in jupyter

I Have Some Imports In My Jupyter Notebook And Among Them Is Tensorflow: ImportError ...Read More

Python selenium send_keys not working can’t set login fields

I Am Using Selenium To Scrape Twitter (not Using The Api's Just Practicing Selenium) Which Require Login When It ...Read More

Separate pdf to pages using pdfminer

I Am Trying To Extract A Pdf Page By Page And Store The Results In A Dictionary As Follows: From ...Read More

MatPlotLib Dollar Sign with Thousands Comma Tick Labels

Given The Following Bar Chart: Import Numpy As Np Import Matplotlib.pyplot As Plt Import Pandas As Pd Df ...Read More

Upgrade version of Pandas

I Am Running Python On A Windows Machine At The Following Path: C:\WinPython-64bit- I Am Trying To Upgrade ...Read More

Using p4python with grep command

Does Anyone Knows How To Use Grep() Command In P4Python? I Am Developing An Script That Runs With Perforce And Makes It ...Read More

How can I specify the function type in my type hints?

How Can I Specify The Type Hint Of A Variable As A Function Type? (See Also: PEP 483.) Import ...Read More

Use pytesseract OCR to recognize text from an image

I Need To Use Pytesseract To Extract Text From This Picture: And The Code: From PIL Import ...Read More

Python3.5 ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I Am Using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 64-bit. I Downloaded Python3.5.1 Gzipped Tarball ...Read More

how set column as date index?

My Data Sets Looks Like: Date Value 1/1/1988 0.62 1/2/1988 0.64 1/3/1988 0.65 1/4/1988 0.66 1/5/1988 ...Read More

Openface Flask Wrapper: Flask seems to be blocking a thread

I Am Trying To Write A Small Flask REST API Wrapper Around The Openface Api So That I Can POST Image URLs To My Flask ...Read More

Advantages of Using MethodType in Python

What Are The Advantages Of Using MethodType From The Types Module? You Can Use It To Add Methods To An Object. But We Can ...Read More

Django - Login with Email

I Want Django To Authenticate Users Via Email, Not Via Usernames. One Way Can Be Providing Email Value As Username Value, ...Read More

Cutting out a portion of video - python

I Have Videos Of Length Approximately 25 Min Each And I Wish To Cut A Few Seconds From The Start Using Python. ...Read More

pandas .at versus .loc

I've Been Exploring How To Optimize My Code And Ran Across Pandas .at Method. Per The Documentation Fast ...Read More

Recursively copying Content from one path to another of s3 buckets using boto in python

I Am Not Able To Find Any Solution For Recusively Copying Contents From One To Another In S3 Buckets Using ...Read More

pandas dataframe str.contains() AND operation

I Have A Df (Pandas Dataframe) With Three Rows: Some_col_name "apple Is Delicious" "banana Is Delicious" "apple And ...Read More

Numpy: Linear system with specific conditions. No negative solutions

I'm Writing A Python Code Using Numpy. In My Code I Use "linalg.solve" To Solve A Linear System Of N Equations In N ...Read More

BrowserCookieError: Can not find cookie file

I Was Using Browsercookie Library And It Was Awesome. However, At Some Moment It Just Stopped Working And I ...Read More

How to manually set K-means cluster's centers?

I Would Like To Not To Predic Centers, But To Assign Each Object To An Already Defined Center. How Can I? ...Read More

Python Requests Not Returning Same Header as Browser Request/cURL

I'm Looking To Write A Script That Can Automatically Download .zip Files From The Bureau Of Transportation ...Read More

Compositions in Fuzzy Relations - MATLAB/Python

I Want To Calculate Fuzzy Relation Compositions On MATLAB/Python And Was Wondering If There Are Any Built-in Functions ...Read More

Internal hyperlink in reStructuredText with customized text

I Know How To Create An External Hyperlink With Customized Text. `My Cool Link <>`_ But I Want ...Read More

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