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MySQL Spring complicated query - ways to order and query efficiency

I Run This Complicated Query On Spring JPA Repository. My Goal Is To Get All Info From The Site Table, Ordering It ...Read More

MySQL - Slow performance for limit offset on json column

I'm Seeing Slow Performance When Using A LIMIT OFFSET On A SELECT Statement For A Table That Includes A ...Read More

MSSQL Query Optimization Without Expensive Join

We Are Developing A Query To Try And Find All Messages In A Table That Have Their Most Recent Message Event Be In ...Read More

Oracle SQL replace some string in a string FAST

I Have A Really Simple Problem: Replace XX_FistName LastName (maybe Dr. Or Phd Anything Trash) To Firstname Lastname Now ...Read More

How to find execution time of elasticsearch query

I Am Using Elasticsearch To Get The Fast Result From A Rails App. I Want To Know How Much Time A Particular Query Took ...Read More

Hive - How to efficiently Create Table As Select?

I Have A Hive Table, Htable That's Partitioned On Foo And Bar. I Want To Create A Small Subset Of This Table For ...Read More

CloudSQL with PostgreSQL very slow performance

I Wanted To Migrate From BigQuery To CloudSQL To Save Cost. My Problem Is That CloudSQL With PostgreSQL Is Very Very ...Read More

Postgres Citus with slow remote_scan query

I'm Running A Query On Citus That Requires A Few Joins. Https:// Let's Not Consider The Fact ...Read More

Query Review - Snowflake

I Have A Query In Snowflake That Works As Expected But I Feel Like There's Gotta Be A Better Way Of Doing This, So ...Read More

Improving slow MariaDB query performance

I Have What Seems To Be A Fairly Straightforward Query, But It Is Super Slow And I Would Like To Improve Its Performance ...Read More

NVARCHAR and VARCHAR conversion cause index scan

Declare @p0 Nvarchar(4000) Select Id_t_s From Table1 Where Id_t = @p0 This Will Be Index Scan, Because Id_t ...Read More

postgresql row level security RESTRICTIVE policies write single select query

Below Are 3 Tables Script. CREATE TABLE Rls_permission(upn Text,is_all Boolean ,reference Int[]); CREATE TABLE ...Read More

Bash script with jq wont get date difference from strings, and runs quite slowly on i7 16GB RAM

Need To Find The Difference Between TradeCloseTime And TradeOpenTime Time In Dd:hh:mm Format For The Exposure Column ...Read More

In PostgreSQL can an immutable function access a table in its code?

I Am Writing A PostgreSQL Function. I Want To Write An Immutable Function. The Following Is An Excerpt From ...Read More

is there a way to optimize a sql request with a lot of "AND"

I Just Wrote This Request Which Works: Select From Assets, Users Where Assets.user_id = ...Read More

Calculating totals and percentages for each row, in a time boxed window, for a relation

Ok, So I've Got Two Tables: Jobs, And Job Runs. I'm Using Postgres. I Want To Look At 2 Periods. 7 Days Ago Until Now, ...Read More

how to find out in snowflake ? who drop/deleted my table in snowflake?

I Want Complete Rca For Table Deleted Or Drop In Snowflake, Not Sure How The Table Got Deleted. Any Hints How I Can See ...Read More

Spatial query on large data taking a lot of time - postgresql

I Am Working On Queries On A Large Table In Postgres 13.4. It Is A Spatial Dataset And It Is Spatially Indexed. It Does ...Read More

Top 5 unique rows without Distinct from 7Million rows

Postgres 12 On GCP. Table With Approx 7-Million Rows And Growing. Select Distinct Col1, Col2 From ...Read More

What makes that postgreSQL query slow?

I Have This Query, Where It Seems To Me With Too Much JOIN. The Goal Is To Retrieve All Locations With Their ...Read More

The execution time of parallel queries in Redshift increases drastically with the no of queries

I Am New To Amazon Redshift. I Have Preloaded Some Data To A Table And I Am Testing The Query Latency In Redshift. The ...Read More

GROUP BY vs DISTINCT with a constant value in SELECT inside a subquery - Performance Difference

I Noticed A Performance Difference Between GROUP BY And DISTINCT Inside A Subquery When A Constant Value Is ...Read More

How to manage JSON query performance in MySQL DB

I Have A Mysql8 DB Which Contains JSON Data. Unfortunately, The Content Is Not Always The Same. To Make It Simple, ...Read More

MongoDB Multiple Projection - Performance and memory usage

I Am Trying To Find A Suitable Structure For My MongoDB Documents That Contains Localization Support. To Simplify My ...Read More

MySQL where or composite index : will it be faster when performing two separate search?

I Have The Following Table: CREATE TABLE `FooBar` ( `id` Int, `foo` Int, `bar1` Int, `bar2` Int, PRIMARY KEY ...Read More

PostgreSQL query and table structure improve performance

I Have A Table Daily_data To Save Entries, Sales, Hours(can Be 100 Types) Of Stores. My Plan Is To ...Read More

Is it bad design to have 2 full text indexes and one normal index for mysql table?

Closed. ...Read More

What the meaning of the `id` column of the mysql query explain?

Let's Say A Query: EXPLAIN SELECT Actor_id, (SELECT 1 FROM Sakila.film_actor WHERE Film_actor.actor_id = ...Read More

Django QuerySets and cache

I Have A Method In Some Of My Object Managers, That Fetches Data From Db: Def Products(self, Offset=None) If There ...Read More

How is ColumnarToRow an efficient operation in Spark

In My Understanding Columnar Format Is Better For MapReduce Tasks. Even For Something Like Selection Of Some ...Read More

Optimizing Merge in Delta Lake (Databricks Open Source )

I Am Trying To Implement Merge Using Delta Lake Oss And My History Data Is Around 7 Billions Records And Delta Is ...Read More

MySQL ORDER BY clause slowing query by 4x

UPDATE: I Have Vastly Simplified The Calls Below And Made Adjustments To The Question. I'm Trying To Figure Out How To ...Read More

Dynatrace PurePath: what are each yellow bar?

I Am Using Dynatrace To Help Orient My Efforts As I'm Optimizing An Endpoint Of Our Service. Looking At ...Read More

improve query performance mongodb

I Am Using Aggregation Query To Retrieve 20000 Records. While Retrieving It Is Taking Much Time. I Will Mention My ...Read More

How to improve performance of multi-database queries in SQL Server where one database is synchronized and the other is not

I Have Two Databases. One I'll Call A Is A Read-only Synchronized Database That Is Part Of An Availability Group And The ...Read More

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