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AmbiguousParameterSet in a function with multiple ParameterSetName

I'm Writing A Function To Select Files Under A Given Path, Based On Conditions. These Are My Input Parameters: $Path: ...Read More

Running a script inside a docker container using shell script

I Am Trying To Create A Shell Script For Setting Up A Docker Container. My Script File Looks Like: #!bin/bash Docker Run ...Read More

Auto update custom folder in Oh My Zsh

I Have My Own Custom Theme For Oh My Zsh That Lives In The .oh-my-zsh/custom Folder. I Have It Hosted On GitHub (as ...Read More

Ternary operator in PowerShell

From What I Know, PowerShell Doesn't Seem To Have A Built-in Expression For The So-called Ternary Operator. For Example, ...Read More

Powershell' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

I Am Trying To Run A Powershell -Command To Execute A Powershell File As A Post Build Event In Visual Studio 2013 But ...Read More

Reformat Markdown files to a specific code style

I'm Working On A Book Which Had A Couple Of People Writing And Editing The Text. Everything Is Markdown. Unfortunately, ...Read More

using Linux command line to convert file character encoding

How Can One Change The File Encoding From Linux (Fedora 20) Command Line? I Have A Huge CSV File 7GB And I Don't Wish ...Read More

ZSH Agnoster Theme showing machine name

I Have A Development Server Hosted On Digital Ocean, Using Ubuntu 14.04. I Switched My Shell To ZSH And Decided To Go ...Read More

how to delete a file with quote in file name

When I Do Ls In My Directory, Get Bunch Of These: Data.log".2015-01-22" Data.log".2015-01-23" However When I Do ...Read More

How can I get absolute difference of two numbers?

Is There Any Bash/shell Command To Get Absolute Difference Of Two Numbers? Eg.- Absolute Diff Of -10 And -5 Is 5, -10 And ...Read More

Powershell get ipv4 address into a variable

Is There An Easy Way In Powershell 3.0 Windows 7 To Get The Local Computer's Ipv4 Address Into A Variable? ...Read More

Syncing terminal setups across machines (VM, server, etc)

I Have Recently Set Up Vagrant On My Machine, And The First Thing I Noticed Was That My Terminal Config Was Not Synced, ...Read More

how can i configure the cancel button of dialog box bash?

For Example I Would Like To Configure The Cancel Button Of This Dialog Box. Dialog --backtitle "Dialog - Form ...Read More

PowerShell - Overwriting line written with Write-Host

I'm Trying To Overwrite A Line In PowerShell Written With Write-Host (I Have A Process That's Running In A Loop And I ...Read More

Powershell: passing json string to curl

I'm Trying To Pass A JSON String From Within A Powershell Script To The Api, Using ...Read More

Merging CSV files : Appending instead of merging

So Basically I Want To Merge A Couple Of CSV Files. Im Using The Following Script To Do That : Paste -d , ...Read More

How to lowercase a string except for first character with PowerShell

How Do I Lowercase A String Except For First Character With PowerShell? This Code Crashes: Get-ChildItem -r ...Read More

delete worksheet from .xlsm file

I Am Trying To Delete A Named Worksheet From An .xlsm File. I Followed The Example Posted Here But It Is Not Working ...Read More

Check if a string matches a regex in Bash script

One Of The Arguments That My Script Receives Is A Date In The Following Format: Yyyymmdd. I Want To Check If I Get A ...Read More

List of all colors available for PowerShell?

I Am Searching For A List Of All Colors I Can Use In PowerShell. Since We Need To Provide Names And No Hexnumbers, It's ...Read More

How to suppress over-verbose xpath-output?

I'm Using Xpath (as Supplied In Mac OS X 10.9 Usr/bin/xpath5.16) In A Shell Script To Parse Some Values From An XML ...Read More

Can anyone explain this Erlang Crash dump?

I Got This Error Report When Running My Erlang Application. Crash Dump Was Written To: ...Read More

How to move all files including hidden files into parent directory via *

Its Must Be A Popular Question But I Could Not Find An Answer. How To Move All Files Via * Including Hidden Files As ...Read More

Output ("echo") a variable to a text file

I'm Running A PowerShell Script Against Many Servers, And It Is Logging Output To A Text File. I'd Like To Capture ...Read More

getting error /usr/bin/env: sh: No such file or directory when running command play

I Am A Beginner On Play Framework . I Just Extract Play Framework Files And Extracted Them And Gave The Path Of Play ...Read More

Missing expression after unary operator '-'. At line:1 char:2

I Am Facing A Peculiar Issue In PowerShell 2.0. I Am Not An Expert In PS, But Occasionally Write/edit Few Scripts To ...Read More

How to let bash subshell to inherit parent's set options?

Let’s Say I Do Set -x In A Script “”, And It Invokes Another Script “”. Is It Possible ...Read More

powershell - Remove all variables

I Want To Remove All User-created Variables At The Start Of A Script. Currently I Am Doing Remove-Variable -Name * But ...Read More

Basic Powershell - batch convert Word Docx to PDF

I Am Trying To Use PowerShell To Do A Batch Conversion Of Word Docx To PDF - Using A Script Found ...Read More

Sending ctrl-c to specific screen session

I Am Designing A Script To Launch A Process Inside A Named Screen Session. As_user "screen -p 0 -S **$command** -X ...Read More

File / folder chooser dialog from a Windows batch script

Typically, Asking The User To Supply A File Name To A Batch Script Is A Messy Affair, Requiring No Misspellings, ...Read More

How do I get the value of a registry key and ONLY the value using powershell

Can Anyone Help Me Pull The Value Of A Registry Key And Place It Into A Variable In PowerShell? So Far I ...Read More

How to reference a collection name with "." in Mongo db?

I Have A Mongo DB, In The Mongo Shell, When I Run "show Collections", It Returns The Collection With Dot In The ...Read More

Cut command not working on linux

Floating-point arithmetic in UNIX shell script

How To Do Arithmetic With Floating Point Numbers Such As 1.503923 In A Shell Script? The Floating Point Numbers Are Pulled ...Read More

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