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Calculate all permutations of a string in Swift

For The String "ABC" The Code Snippet Below Calculates 5 Of The 6 Total Permutations. My Strategy Was To Insert Each ...Read More

replace the punctuation with whitespace

I Have A Problem With The Code And Can Not Figure Out How To Move Forward. Tweet = "I Am Tired! I ...Read More

"==" in case of String concatenation in Java

String A = "devender"; String B = "devender"; String C = "dev"; String D = "dev" + "ender"; String E = ...Read More

Finding a string in docker logs of container

What Is The Best Way To Find A Specific String In The Logs Of A Docker Container? Let's Say I Want To See All Requests, ...Read More

simplexml_load_string displaying empty object php

I Am New To Xml. I Have String Response From Api As : ...Read More

How to sort Integer digits in ascending order without Strings or Arrays?

I'm Trying To Sort The Digits Of An Integer Of Any Length In Ascending Order Without Using Strings, ...Read More

What is the difference between implicit and explicit String declaration in java?

This ...Read More

combobox auto complete any string occurrence

I'm Using A ComboBox Featuring Auto Complete. This Code Is Being ...Read More

How to match any string from a list of strings in regular expressions in python?

Lets Say I Have A List Of Strings, String_lst = ['fun', 'dum', 'sun', 'gum'] I Want To Make A Regular Expression, Where ...Read More

In F#, is it possible to have a tryParse function that infers the target type

Presently We Do This... Let ParseDate DefaultVal Text = Match DateTime.TryParse S With | True, D -> D | _ ...Read More

JAVA : How many Objects will be created ? why?

This ...Read More

$string.Substring Index/Length exception

I'm Doing The Following To Try And Get The Last Character From The String (in This Case, ...Read More

mips print string from the register

$a0 - Used For Argument Passing $t0 - Temporary Register Used For Lw From $a0 Here Is My Code .data Str: ...Read More

Java String Immutability storage when String object is changed

I Understood That If A String Is Initialized With A Literal Then It Is Allotted A Space In String Pool And If ...Read More

Putting a string into a curl command without escape chars

Ok This Might Be Super Obvious But For The Life Of Me I Cannot Figure It Out. I Want To Call A Curl Command From A ...Read More

Can I insert a variable into a string?

I'm Trying To Make A Program In The Excel VBA That Inserts A Formula Into A Column Of Cells. This Formula Changes Based ...Read More

how to check if a string is a plaintext or base64 format in android

I Want To Check If A String Is In Base64 Encoded Format Or Not In An Android App. If It Is In Base64 Then I Need To Decode ...Read More

Replace string in JS array without using native replace() method

I Am Stuck A Bit With Replacing String In Js Array. I Am Trying To Log The Arguments To See What Is Going On But Am ...Read More

Difference between concatenation at run time and compile time in java

Public Class First { Public Static Void Main(String[] Args) { String ...Read More

Array with literal strings

I Am Having A String Array Initialized With Literal Strings As Below: Public Static Void Main() { String[] Values ...Read More

Better string interpolation in R

I Need To Build Up Long Command Lines In R And Pass Them To System(). I Find It Is Very Inconvenient To ...Read More

"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" When calling FileUtils.readFileToString on xml files

My Program Iterates Over A Directory And Uses The Following Function, From My Recoder Class, To Read A ...Read More

toLocaleString() don't show zero

Hello I Have A Question About: Number.prototype.toLocaleString() Trouble Is That When We Use "toLocaleString()" Method ...Read More

How to concatenate string and integer in if condition in tableau

I Am Trying To Concatenate Country With Its Rank Based On Sales In If Condition Like IF [TOP 20 COUNTRIES] ...Read More

How to get the area string from a polygon using leaflet.draw

I Am Trying To Get The Area Measurements Of Polygons So I Can List Them In A Table To The Side Of The Map, Next To The ...Read More

Send Hexadecimal string to socket using python

Dear Friends This Is A Humble Request To Solve My Problem With Example Please. I Am Working On RFID Sensors In Which I ...Read More

How to remove brackets from python string?

I Know From The Title You Might Think That This Is A Duplicate But It's Not. For Id,row In Enumerate(rows): ...Read More

Dart How to get the name of an enum as a String

Before Enums Were Available In Dart I Wrote Some Cumbersome And Hard To Maintain Code To Simulate Enums And Now Want ...Read More

Is there any way to generate the same UUID from a String

I Am Wondering If There Is A Way To Generate The Same UUID Based On A String. I Tried With UUID, It Looks Like It ...Read More

Spell check for whole project strings?

Is There Some Kind Of Way To Spell Check All The Strings Used In An IOS Project? Is There Maybe Already An Open ...Read More

How many Strings are created in memory?

Say I Have This String Expression String Hi = "Tom" + "Brady" + "Goat" I Know That The String Pool "allows A Runtime ...Read More

Set and Get the Cookies in ASP.NET web forms

The Cookies In Are Killing Me! This Is My Code: Set The Cookie:(Upload Is An Asp:FileUpload Control ...Read More

c++ combine path of file as a string with file name

I Want To Read Some Input Files In My C++ Code And I Want To Define The Path Of Input Files As A String And Then Combine ...Read More

Performance: (Compare string) vs (convert to int)

Hi All: I Am New To Stack Overflow And Am Rather New To Python, But I Have Been Writing Code For Years And Would Like ...Read More

with the Bootstrap Table plugin, how to set a search string on first load?

With The Bootstrap Table Plugin ( How To Set A Search String ...Read More

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