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What is Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift? What added value does it bring?

From Apple's Own Website: "At The Heart Of Swift's Design Are Two Incredibly Powerful Ideas: Protocol-oriented ...Read More

Saving image and then loading it in Swift (iOS)

I Am Saving An Image Using SaveImage. Func SaveImage (image: UIImage, Path: String ) -> Bool{ Let ...Read More

Segue from UITableView to UITabBarController

I Am Creating An App That Allows The User To See A Random Quote Everyday. In This App, The User Is Asked 3 Questions ...Read More

Core Data many to many relation with intermediate table (Swift 2)

TL;DR EDIT With Answer As Wain Perfectly Answered This Is How I Get My Information Now: Let ...Read More

Missing argument for parameter #1 in call // Twitter

I Am Creating An App That Generates A Diferent Quote Everyday. I Wanted To Give The User The Ability To Share With ...Read More

Thread 1: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (code=EXC_1386_INVOP,subcode=0x0)

So Close To Actually Getting This App Moving. There Is Just One More Problem. Now, My App Will Run, And It Will Give Me ...Read More

Wait until swift for loop with asynchronous network requests finishes executing

I Would Like A For In Loop To Send Off A Bunch Of Network Requests To Firebase, Then Pass The Data To A New View ...Read More

IOS Change rootview controller after login

I Have Implemented A Side Drawer In My Application Which Required Me To Set The Root View Controller In My ...Read More

Calculate all permutations of a string in Swift

For The String "ABC" The Code Snippet Below Calculates 5 Of The 6 Total Permutations. My Strategy Was To Insert Each ...Read More

Is there a way to read/get fps in spritekit swift

Is There A Method To Get The Value Of Fps In Swift? No I Dont Mean Changing The FrameInterval And No I ...Read More

How to get the centre of the view

I'm Trying To Get The Center Of My View By Using The Code Below, The Class Being Used Is From The ...Read More

Use delegate method written in Objective-C in Swift code

I'd Like To Use A Delegate Method Written In Objective-C In Swift. The Method Is Included In The ...Read More

How to check if user doesn't write anything in 4 seconds?

I Have The Next Function: Override Func TextViewDidChange(textView: UITextView) { Super.textViewDidChange(textView) ...Read More

Invalid conversion from throwing function of type (_,_,_) throws -> Void to non-throwing function type (NSData?, NSURLResponse?, NSError?) -> Void

I Have Written This Code: Func Getjson() { Let UrlPath = "" ...Read More

Swift - Updating a UITableView with remote JSON data

I Am Trying To Access Data From A Remote Json File. When Something Is Typed Into The Searchbar A New NSURLSessionDataTask ...Read More

Error "Thread 1: breakpoint 2.1"

I Am Working On A REST API Manager. It Is Giving An Error And I Am Not Able To Fix It. The Error I Got Is Given ...Read More

How to change the font and text color of the title of UINavigationBar

I Want To Be Change The Font Of The Title To Avenir, And I Want To Make It White. Here Is My Code In ...Read More

Resize label to fit text amount - Swift

Hey :) I Have A Label And I Need To Make The Width Of That Label Smaller Or Larger Accourding To The Text Amount, And ...Read More

How to group by the elements of an array in Swift

Let's Say That I Have This Code: Class Stat { Var StatEvents : [StatEvents] = [] } Struct StatEvents { Var Name: ...Read More

Callbacks, completion handler with multiple parameters in Swift

I Reverse Geocode In A Few Places In My Map And I Wanted To Wrap It To Some Common Method. What I Have Is This As ...Read More

RealmSwift: Convert Results to Swift Array

What I Want To Implement: Class Func GetSomeObject() -> [SomeObject]? { Let Objects = Realm().objects(SomeObject) ...Read More

'No such module' when I use CocoaPods

So Here's My Procedure. I Create A New Podfile In The Project Directory, Then I Added The Following ...Read More

Returning object from callback in Swift

I Want To Wrap The Geocoder.geocodeAddressString In Another Method With Other ...Read More

How to Hide an Element and Its Space in Swift

I Want To Hide An Element (data Picker In My Case) And Also Hide Its Space. So I Tried This With An ...Read More

Difference between associated and raw values in swift enumerations

Swift Enumerations Have Both Associated And Raw Values. But The Use Cases Of These Values Is Not Clear To Me. So I ...Read More

Disable swipe in UIPageViewController

I Have A UIViewController With UIPageViewController Variable. I Am Trying To Disable The Swiping For ...Read More

Is it possible to disable volume buttons in iOS apps?

I Am Developing A Game And I Would Like To Disable The Volume Buttons When I Am Playing (because The User Has To ...Read More

How can I make a vertical slider in swift?

I Was Wondering How I Can Create A Vertical Slider In Swift. I Have Tried Using .transform And Then Adding A Rotate ...Read More

Cast a Swift struct to UnsafeMutablePointer<Void>

Is There A Way To Cast A Swift Struct's Address To A Void UnsafeMutablePointer? I Tried This Without Success: ...Read More

unable to dequeue a cell with identifier Cell - must register a nib or a class for the identifier or connect a prototype cell in a storyboard

My UITableViewController Is Causing A Crash With The Following Error Message: Terminating App Due To ...Read More

How to get the wifi mac address on iPhone in Swift?

Is There A Way To Get The Real Wi-Fi MAC Address Of The IOS Device Using Swift Language? Code Snippet Much ...Read More

IOS Swift defining own app-settings in own class

Im New In Swift And X-Code. Im Searching For A Way Import A Own Defined Class (best Case In An Own Document). I Want ...Read More

Swift: How to filter in Core Data

I'm Using The Following Code To Fetch All The Data In "category". Let AppDelegate ...Read More

Why does this for loop that iterates an array throw an exception?

I Keep Returning An Error From This Seemingly Obvious For-loop. For Var I = 0; I < Self.restaurantNames.count; I++ { ...Read More

How to edit the UIBlurEffect intensity?

I Don't Want My Background Image To Be Too Blury. Isn't There A Property To Adjust The Blur Intensity? Let ...Read More

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