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SwiftUI - Fatal Error When Using 'pushViewController'

Because SwiftUI Has Such A Stifling Navigational System, I'm Attempting To Use PushViewController Within ...Read More

Opt out of UISceneDelegate/SwiftUI on iOS

I'm Currently Using Xcode 11 Beta 5. Within My Application, It Runs Fine On IOS 12 And Under. However, On IOS 13 It ...Read More

How to disable NavigationView push and pop animations

Given This Simple NavigationView: Struct ContentView : View { Var Body: Some View { NavigationView { ...Read More

SwiftUI Button tap only on text portion

The Background Area Of My Button Is Not Detecting User Interaction. Only Way To Interact With Said Button Is To Tap On ...Read More

SwiftUI: Is it possible to automatically move to the next textfield after 1 character is entered?

I Trying To Make A SwiftUI App Where After Entering One Letter In A TextField The Cursor Automatically Moves To ...Read More

SwiftUI Optional TextField

Can SwiftUI Text Fields Work With Optional Bindings? Currently This Code: Struct SOTestView : View { @State ...Read More

How can I split VStack to two sub view with double height of second sub view than first sub view?

I Just Started With SwiftUI, And Seems VStack And HStack Is Very Similar As Flex Box In Web. On The Web, It's Easy To ...Read More

SwiftUI: Send email

In A Normal UIViewController In Swift, I Use This Code To Send A Mail. Let ...Read More

How to remove the line separators from a List in SwiftUI without using ForEach?

I Have This Code To Display A List Of Custom Rows. Struct ContentView : View { Var Body: Some View { ...Read More

How to remove highlight on tap of List with SwiftUI?

How To Remove Highlight On Tap Of List With SwiftUI? List { }.whatModifierToAddHere? The Selection ...Read More

Find all available images for Image(systemName:) in SwiftUI

Where Can I Find All The System Images That Are Available In The Initializer Image(systemName:)? I've Only Been ...Read More

How to resize Image with SwiftUI?

I Have A Large Image In Assets.xcassets. How To Resize This Image With SwiftUI To Make It Small? I Tried To Set Frame ...Read More

SwiftUI: Broken explicit animations in NavigationView?

When I Put An Explicit Animation Inside A NavigationView, As An Undesirable Side Effect, It Animates The Initial Layout ...Read More

SwiftUI onAppear called multiple times because of NavigationLink

SwiftUI OnAppear Gets Called Multiple Times When Inside Of A Navigation Link. In The Example I Have Provided, It Gets ...Read More

SwiftUI TextField + Stepper

I'm Trying To Implement A TextField With A Number Input Together With Stepper To Control Quantity. After Entering A Number ...Read More

How to run the split view on iPad using SwiftUI?

It Seems Like There Would Be An Easy Way To Make The Good Looking IOS App Run On An IPad Space. One That Didn't ...Read More

Show/Hide Password - How can I add this feature?

I've Looked Through The Forums But I'm Seeing Mixed Answers Especially Ones From An Old Xcode Version. I Only Decided To ...Read More

Detect when a specific view is opened from the background in SwiftUI?

If I Have A SwiftUI View And I Put It Into The Background (i.e. Hit The Home Button Once On The IPhone) And Then Reopen ...Read More

Swift UI 2 DocumentGroup get navigation bar buttons actions

I'm Using The New 'DocumentGroup' Scene For An IOS 14 (currently Working On Beta) Project And I Really Don't Know How ...Read More

How to customize row internal content with List in SwiftUI combining collapsable rows?

This Is A Follow-up Question To The Following Topic. How Can I Fix The "Hello World" Card Inside The Row To The Top Of ...Read More

SwiftUI: Cannot convert value of type 'Bool' to expected argument type 'Binding<Bool>'

Creating A Text-based Game For SwiftUI Wondering Why Can't I Access IsSelected In Character ForEach Loop? It ...Read More

Making parts of text bold in SwiftUI

I Was Wondering How I Would Make Only Sections Of A Text Bold While Keep The Rest 'regular' In SwiftUI. ...Read More

SwiftUI body not reevalutated after binding changed

A Bad Case Of SwiftUI Magic Not Working For Me, And I Am Loosing My Sanity Here. Why Is The Text Not Updating Its Value ...Read More

How to display Image from a url in SwiftUI

So I'm Trying To Create A Content Feed Using Data Fetched From My Node JS Server. Here I Fetch Data From ...Read More

Making a shape the size of the parent view in SwiftUI

I Want To Display A Mathematical Fraction. To Do So I Have A VStack That Contains The Numerator View (called ...Read More

Pop Navigation view from ViewModel

I'm Using SwiftUI And Combine, I'have Some Business Logic In My VM. Some Results Have To Pop My View In ...Read More

Dismiss view from view model [MODAL PAGE]

I'm Using SwiftUI And Combine, I'have Some Business Logic In My VM. Some Results Have To Dismiss My View. I'v Used This ...Read More

How can I remove Textfield focus when I press return or click outside Textfield? (SwiftUI, MacOS)

How Can I Remove Textfield Focus When I Press Return Or Click Outside Textfield? Note That This Is SwiftUI On MacOS. If ...Read More

How to move to next TextField in SwiftUI?

Using Swift5.1.2, IOS13.2, Xcode-11.2, Having Several TextFields In A Stackview, I Would Like To Move To The Next ...Read More

onChange not firing when attached to a Picker

I Have A 3-part Picker, And I'm Trying To Make The Values Of One Picker To Be Based On The Value Of Another. ...Read More

UIImagePickerController Camera's Green dot turns on when application get backs from background swiftUI

I Have VideoRecording View That Is A 'UIViewControllerRepresentable' For Using UIImagePickerViewController To Capture ...Read More

UIImagePickerController camera keeps open after closing

I Wrote A UIViewControllerRepresentable For A VideoRecordingView In SwiftUI: Import ...Read More

Why does SwiftUI UIHostingController have extra spacing?

I'm Trying To Add A SwiftUI View To UIKit View Using UIHostingController And It Shows Extra Spacing(This Sample Is ...Read More

Back Button not working quickly, Take 4-5 Second Webview to back, How to get Progress SwiftUI

I'm Writing A Webapp In SwiftUI With Xcode13.1 I've A Question "How Can I Add A Progress Bar That Shows Me The Loading ...Read More

iOS15 Navigation title Not Showing Properly in Some Devices SwiftUI

I'm Trying To Figure Out Why The Navigation Title Is Not Working With Some Devices, But I'm Not Able To Figure Out ...Read More

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