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VBA Code - Fast on one Computer, slow on another one

I Was Writing A Simple VBA Macro That Is Checking All Spreadsheets In A Workbook If The Entered Values Are Correct ...Read More

Can Excel VBA listen for Javascript events in acrobat?

I Have A Project In Which I Use Excel VBA To Operate On A Global Variable Which Is Defined (and Frequently Changed) ...Read More

disable editing in cells without protecting worksheet vba

I Want To Disable Cell Editing (direct Typing Into Cell) But Want To Update That Cell Through Code ...Read More

SAP GUI script opens an Excel window and I can't stop it

I'm Trying To Automate SAP Export To An Excel File, Which In Turn Is Then Used By Another Excel File With Some VBA ...Read More

Scrollable sidebar with full height

I Am Currently Writing On An Angular Application That Has A Top Fixed Bootstrap Navbar And A Sidebar Container That Consists ...Read More

Can I insert a variable into a string?

I'm Trying To Make A Program In The Excel VBA That Inserts A Formula Into A Column Of Cells. This Formula Changes Based ...Read More

EXCEL VBA: How to set a password to another VBProject programmaticaly

I Have Created A Vba Code That Creates A New .xlms File, Adding Some Code To That File And Then My Problem Is That ...Read More

How can I open an IQY file without being prompted for a destination?

I Am Automating A Process Where I Open Several IQY Files And Paste Them Into A Master Worksheet In Excel. Currently ...Read More

Error 462: The remote server machine does not exist when working with Word via Excel VBA

I Open A Word File Programmatically In Excel VBA And Add/edit Contents Using Bookmarks. I Find That On Alternate Runs, I ...Read More

Prevent Overwrite Warning in VBA

I Am Writing A Macro To Extract XML Data From A Web API Into A Spreadsheet. The First Column Contains Two Fields Delimited ...Read More

VBA Date and Currency conditions to copy and paste data to added sheets named by Date and Currency

Here Is My Challenge. I Try To Copy And Paste Data Based On Currency And Dates To A Newly Created Worksheets In ...Read More

After input in text box how do cause AfterUpdate event to run?

I Have An Excel VBA Userform With Several Text Boxes. The User Will Input A Weight In A Text Box. They Can Then Do ...Read More

How to change link color (Bootstrap)

<div Class="collapse Navbar-collapse"> <ul Class="nav Pull-right"> ...Read More

Multiple variables in a message box

I'm Looking To Present Multiple Variables Into A Messagebox: ID, Customer Name, Date Added, Venue And Status. At The ...Read More

Copy a column from one sheet to multiple sheets based on sheetname

I Am Trying To Copy Column A From One Sheet "OPT1" To The Same Column In Multiple Sheets - "OPT1_1", OPT1_2" Etc But ...Read More

Pass array to ParamArray

Is It Possible To Pass All Elements Of An Array To A ParamArray? For Example I'd Like To Pass A ParamArray ...Read More

How can I sort dates in an array in vba?

Hi I Am New To Programming And Just Started Learning VBA For Excel. I Have A Query Regarding Sorting Of Arrays. How Do I ...Read More

Select item from a ComboBox

I Have Access 2010 Form Which Has A ComboBox CmbSubTopic Which Lists Two Columns (SubTopicID And SubTopic). The Combo ...Read More

VBA shorthand for x=x+1?

Sub Btn1_Click() Static Value As Integer Value = Value + 1 MsgBox Value End Sub I Swear When I Was Taking A ...Read More

VBA get object type and library for LDAP

Does Anyone Know A Way Simmilar To TypeName() To Get The Name Of The Object? For Example: Dim Obj Set ...Read More

Excel txt file import (specific columns) into a table with VBA

I Found This Forum While I Was Trying To Sort Out My VBA Code. I Only Have Very Little Experience In VBA Programming So ...Read More

Replace Excel Cell Value with Text Box Input in VBA Form

I Have Created A Simple Form In Excel 2010 In Which I Wish To Replace The Individual Text String Value In 11 Cells In ...Read More

When should I move VBA code from a form module to a separate module?

I Have Quite A Few Instances Where I Start With A Basic Subform, Then I Have 3 Other Subforms Which Build On It, Each ...Read More

Count number of lines in a wrapped cell through vba

How Can I Count The Number Of Lines In A Wrapped Cell Through Vba Code? With Cells(1, 1) .WrapText = False ...Read More

How do I get the a save to Excel dialog box to pop up?

I Have The Following Script. It Exports My Data As .xls. I Want A Save Dialog Box To Popup When This Window Opens. How ...Read More

Can I simultaneously declare and assign a variable in VBA?

I'm New To VBA And Want To Know If I Can Convert The Following Declaration And Assignment Into One Line: Dim ...Read More

OnOpenExcelWorksheet Event To Trigger When Worksheet Opens?

How Can I Run Code When A Worksheet Opens? (The Code That I Want To Run Is Contained In The Opening Worksheet) ...Read More

Tuple style object in VBA

I'm Using VBA In An Access Application And I Would Like To Have A N-tuple Object That Contains Values Of Different ...Read More

Extract weblink from webpage using excel

Hi I Am Having A Set Of Web Link In Excel And I Need To Update A New Web Link. It Is Difficult To Open Every Web Link ...Read More

Invalid Property Value error for Userform

I Have Tried Going Through Multiple Threads To Find An Answer That I Need But Not Able To Sort It Out Yet. I Have ...Read More

Swift UINavigation Bottom Line and Shadow Remove without Navbar Color Change

My Scenario, I Am Trying To Remove Bottom Line And Shadow From UINavigationBar Using IOS 13 - Swift 5. Here, Before IOS ...Read More

VBA WebScraping return empty values

I Have The Following Code To Scrape Data From A Website, The Problem Is That It Isn't Scraping Any Data, It Doesn't ...Read More

VBA WebScraping returning nothing to excel

I've Been Trying To Scrape Data From A WebSite, As My Previous Question Indicates. I Was Able To Figure What My ...Read More

VBA WebScraping Script Returns Subscript OutOf Range

Problem: I've Been Trying To Scrape Data From A WebSite, But It's Always Giving Me An Error Subscript OutOf Range. I ...Read More

Delete columns with cells with the conditional formatting red

I Plan To Conditional Format Cells In Row 18 Then Clear The Columns With The Red Cells. This Code Deletes Columns When I ...Read More

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