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Databind through multiple .xaml files

I'm Trying To Make A Standard UI Element (Content Control) In My Resource Dictionary So I Can Easily Create ...Read More

WPF contextual menu shortcut bypasses behavior

I'm Building A WPF Application Which Is Displaying Contextual Menus On A Grid. To Be Able To Use Shortcuts I ...Read More

How to change data grid header style or element style foreground in WPF

I Have A Data Grid In My WPF Project And This My Xaml And C# Codes, Why Can't I Change Its Foreground For Column Header ...Read More

Display a StackPanel only if one of two options are selected in a radio button

I Have A WPF Application And One Page Shows Two Stack Panels With Radio Buttons In Them. I Want To Have It So That ...Read More

How to synchronize two listboxes elements with drag&drop?

For Example The User Will Drag And Drop And Reposition 1 Element In The Same Listbox, The Index Of Said Element Will ...Read More

Override MediaElement on top of Webview2

I Created A WPF Project In Which I Need Display Two StackPanels Like This: This Screen Is Child Of Main Grid StackPanel ...Read More

Using a custom class with ItemSource and Binding in WPF

This ...Read More

WPF Desktop App using MSIX installer - Directory Not Found

I Am Working With A Client To Deploy A WPF Application Using Blazor Desktop. We Have A Couple Of Resources The ...Read More

Hiding legend description for certain LineGraphs using Interactive Data Display WPF

I'm Making An WPF Application Where I Need To Create Discontinuous Graphs. I Made An Algorithm For It By Splitting The ...Read More

WPF : Caching images for BitmapImage from internet

The Images I Want To Show In The WPF Application Do Not Change. So It Would Help Greatly If I Can Use Caching To ...Read More

Wpf Unbound ComboBox leak

I Have A Wpf Window That Is Leaking Because Of A Child ComboBox Control That Has A Relatively Small Number Of Fixed Items - ...Read More

Can't bind a custom DependencyProperty to a property in my viewmodel

This ...Read More

Implicit XAML Style stops working when I base it upon a Key-ed version

I Have An Implicit WPF Control Style (for A Control Based On MultiSelector). My Problem Is That It Only Gets ...Read More

How to make this customised ListBox

I Need To Customise My ListBox In Wpf Xaml. Below Is What It Should Look Like: As You Could See, I Mark The Key ...Read More

Draw Graph Diagram with WPF in C# Properly

How Can This Code Produce A Similar Graph Diagram As The Other One? I Have Posted My Entire Code, If Someone Is An ...Read More

Sent Event not received to Google analytic account using measurement protocol 4

I Am Using Measurement Protocol 4 To Track Desktop Application-features. I Have Created The Measurement Id And Api_secret ...Read More

How to bind WPF button to a command in ViewModelBase?

I Have A View AttributeView That Contains All Sorts Of Attributes. There's Also A Button That When Pressed, It Should ...Read More

Why can't I use the same Icon for more than 1 item in Menu?

I Have A MenuItem Like Below <MenuItem Header="Edit"> <MenuItem Header="Copy Direct ...Read More

Conditionally display Row Detail

What If The Row Has No Details? I Am Using WPF DataGrid For Displaying Data With A Row Details Templete. I Do Not ...Read More

Upgrading XAML Behaviors

I've Updated PRISM And Now My XAML Files Are Returning Errors. I Have Done Some Research On How To Fix It And It ...Read More

WPF: Scrollviewer not limiting content to size of window

I Have A Treeview With A Scrollviewer. When The Treeview Becomes To Full With Treenodes I Want The Scrollbar To Show Up. ...Read More

PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp will not trigger when the user is dragging an item in a listbox

Private Sub Flowchart_PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp(sender As Object, E As MouseButtonEventArgs) If IsDragging = ...Read More

Migrating WPF library from .NET Framework to .NET 6

I'm Currently Migrating My WPF Projects From .NET Framework 4.8 To .NET 6 Using The .NET Upgrade Assistant As A Base ...Read More

containing type does not implement interface 'IComponentConnector'

For Some Reason Visual Studio Will Not Compile The Below Code. I Am On .NET 6 WPF. Has There Been Any Breaking ...Read More

WPF: Circular progress bar

I Have Looked Around Everywhere On This Subject, Found Quite A Bit Of Information, It All Looks Very Complex. I Have ...Read More

Material Design Dialog Position in WPF/XMAL

I Am Using Material Design Dialog To Show A Large Message In My Wpf Application. But When I Show It On Button Chick ...Read More

trigger textbox collapse on combobox set to index 0

I Am Making My Own WPF User Control, To Give The User Options To Select Data. I Have A Combobox That Has A Style ...Read More

Why is datagrid raising exception when loosing focus?

I Think I Have Found A Bug In DataGrid. I Get An Seemingly Unexplainable Crash With The Datagrid In WPF (.net 5.0) Can ...Read More

How do you get ListBoxItem.IsMouseCaptured to trigger style changes?

I'm Using The Following Style: <Style X:Key="ListBoxItemStyle" TargetType="{x:Type ListBoxItem}"> ...Read More

FileSystemWatcher events not firing in WPF application

I Am Trying To Write A Simple Application That Lists Changes To A Directory. I Used The Microsoft Documentation As ...Read More

Relay Commands Command Parameter

I Am Trying To Work With The MVVM Principles Within A Small WPF Project Using C#. I Have A ListBox That Is ...Read More

Combobox problem with IsEditable after SelectedItem

I Customized A Combobox And Problem Is With IsEditable After Selecting Item. Here We Have All The Code For Combobox : ...Read More

WPF DataGrid ItemsSource memory leak

I Don't Know Why But When I Define The ItemsSource Of My DataGrid, It Creates Some Memory Leak. This Is The Xaml Code ...Read More

Why i can't get the text from the TextBox when I apply Style in WPF?

This ...Read More

Multiple Selection in Datagridcomboboxcolumn

I Need A DataGridComboBoxColumn Which Should Allow Multiple Selection. To Do This, I Created A ...Read More

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