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Opt out of UISceneDelegate/SwiftUI on iOS

I'm Currently Using Xcode 11 Beta 5. Within My Application, It Runs Fine On IOS 12 And Under. However, On IOS 13 It ...Read More

App Store Connect Operation Error: Could not connect to Apple's web service

I Have Been Trying To Upload My App Archive To App Store Connect For The Past 3 Days. In The Beginning, There Was A ...Read More

Xcode 10.2 Update issue Build system error -1: Unable to load contents of file list: input/output xcfilelist

After Upgrading To Xcode 10.2 I Am Getting 2 Errors :-1: Unable To Load Contents Of File List: 'xxxxx/Pods/Target ...Read More

errSecInternalComponent Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code 65

Running Cordova Build Ios --device --release Leaves ...Read More

Xcode archive not showing in Organizer

I Have A React Native App I Am Trying To Publish To The App Store. In XCode 9.4.1 When I Go Into Product>Archive ...Read More

'sharedApplication' is unavailable: not available on iOS (App Extension) - Use view controller based solutions where appropriate instead

I Am Using Following Pods In A Share Extension. The Complier Is Keep Showing Error: SharedApplication' Is ...Read More

In iOS 12, when does the UICollectionView layout cells, use autolayout in nib

Same Code Like This CollectionLayout.estimatedItemSize = CGSize(width: 50, Height: ...Read More

Cycle inside ; building could produce unreliable results: Xcode Error

I Am Trying To Move To The New Build System When Compiling With Xcode 10. However, It Gives The ...Read More

Could not build module 'React'

I Am Stuck With This Error Could Not Build Module 'React' While Trying To Integrate React Native To An Existing IOS ...Read More

How to Increase Line spacing in UILabel in Swift 4

I Want To Increase The Line Spacing In UILabel But I Can't Figure It Out How. I Found ...Read More

React-Native: Why do I get network errors when testing on iOS device

I Am Developing Currently In React Native An App. After Testing Everything On The Simulator I Decided To Run Our App ...Read More

Xcode View Debugger: How can I reveal in the hierarchy the selection in the 3-D inspector?

In The Xcode 9 View Debugger, I'd Like To Select A View In The 3-D Exploded Diagram Of Views, And Then Reveal That View ...Read More

Rename failed in Xcode 9

I Used "renamed" Function To Rename A Variable Named "DefaultRequestURL" In Xcode 9, It Alert This: Alert Image I ...Read More

XCode > Product->Archive never finish

I Am Trying To Archive My IOS App And Upload It To ITunes Connect. After Selecting Product->Archive In XCode, ...Read More

SFSafariViewController init method forced to use iOS11 supported version

With The Recent Update On Xcode 9 Beta And IOS11 Preview, There Are Some Changes To ...Read More

Compile boost as universal library (Intel and Apple Silicon architectures)

I Am Trying To Build Boost Library As Dylib On MacOS. I Need To Build It For Both The Intel Architecture And The ...Read More

Xcode 12: build Error on FIRAnalyticsConnector

After Upgrading To Xcode 12, My Project Doesn't Build For The Simulator Anymore. The Error I Get Is: Ld: ...Read More

Github Actions: xcpretty is not found despite being installed

I'm Trying To Replace Our IOS Project's Horrible Jenkins Setup With Github Actions. I Think I Have All The Pieces In ...Read More

The iOS deployment target 'IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET' is set to 8.0, in Flutter How can I change the minimum IOS Deploying Target

I Changed Everything To 9.0 In The Project But I'm Having The Same Error In A Lot Of Pods. I Tried Doing A Lot ...Read More

XCODE: UIView background not appearing on screen, even though I set color in storyboard and programmatically

I Have A UIView That I Put Into My ViewController, Just To Organize A Bit, And I Am Trying To Set The Background Color ...Read More

NSToolbar Flexible space not working in Swift 5.x

I Developed This App Using Xcode 10.1 (Swift 4.2 I Believe) And Toolbar Looks Good: But I Ported In Over To My Xcode ...Read More

Xcode 12 deployment target warnings when using CocoaPods

I Get This Warning On Xcode 12: The IOS Simulator Deployment Target IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET Is Set To 8.0, But The ...Read More

How to check whether user has enabled/checked autofill credential provider extension or not from phone settings in iOS?

I Have Implemented AutoFill Credential Provider Extension In IOS. Everything Is Working Fine But I Am Having One ...Read More

How to fix Xcode refusing to install swift packages

Packages In Xcode Are All Of Sudden Not Fetching Anymore And When I'm Trying Add Different Package From Github ...Read More

Facebook SDK Error on Installing Cocoapods Objective-C

After Installing Facebook SDK Via Cocoapods In My Objective-C App, Hundreds Of Errors Were Appearing. Things ...Read More

Xcode 11 "iphone is busy: Making iphone ready for development"

I Have Been Waiting 2 Days Now, And The Xcode "Devices And Simulators" Window Is Still Hung With The Message "myiphone ...Read More

App Groups forSecurityApplicationGroupIdentifier returns nil

I Set Up An App Group To Use With My Today Extension. I Added The App Group In The Main App's Target And In ...Read More

Making parts of text bold in SwiftUI

I Was Wondering How I Would Make Only Sections Of A Text Bold While Keep The Rest 'regular' In SwiftUI. ...Read More

How to Ensure the apps info.plist contains a value for CFBundleIdentifier?

The App Will Not Run On The Simulator Or The Device But The Trouble Started When I Went To Get It On Device. Running ...Read More

Cached Xcode Derived Data Not Being Used In CI

I Am Trying To Experiment With Caching Xcode Derived Data On CI To Improve CI Build Times. I Know Caching Derived Data ...Read More

duplicate symbol in GoogleCastSDK-ios-4.4.7_static

Recently I Bump The Google-cast-sdk To The Latest, While Got This Kind Of Build Error As ...Read More

How to add version number for image tag in Code Build buildsec.yml

I Have A Pipeline To Take Code From Code Commit And Build The Image Using Code Build And Upload The Image To ...Read More

iOS - CocoaPods requires your terminal to be using UTF-8 encoding - after latest flutter upgrade

I Am Getting This Error After I Upgraded Flutter. Before Upgrading Everything Was Working Normal On Both IOS And Android. ...Read More

URL Opening Swift App - Open Works - Called Function Does NOT work

Hello All – I Am A Newbie Here ... Trying To Get My First IOS Swift (Xcode 11.2.1 / Swift 5 / IOS 13.2) App To Open ...Read More

Xcode Error - Profile doesn't include the entitlement

We Have Enabled ICloud Capability In Our Application And Enabled Below Services, Key-value Storage ICloud ...Read More

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